Universal Quad Cane Tip

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  • CURVED BASE: Promotes walking with a full range of motion and natural cadence in each step.
  • EXTRA TRACTION: The heavy duty grips provide maximum stability when walking.
  • FITS 3/4″ CANES: The Universal Cane Grip Tip will fit all 3/4-inch canes.

  • INCREASED STABILITY: The curved base has three points of contact with the ground for extra stability while walking vs. a normal cane with only one point of contact.
  • WALK NATURALLY: The curved base of the Universal Quad Cane Tip creates a smooth transition while walking and supports the natural cadence of your walk.
  • EASY TO ADD: The Universal Quad Cane Tip easily attaches to the end of any 3/4″ cane.

  • Cane Types: Fits 3/4″ canes
  • Cane Tip Dimensions: 5.25″ L x 4″ W x 1.5″ H
  • Made of: Rubber

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The Universal Quad Cane Tip by Able Life provides comfort and ease to cane users by promoting a natural walking motion. The curved base creates three points of contact that makes for easy gliding across any surface while providing a full range of motion for the user. The heavy duty traction on the underlying surface gives maximum stability and security. The Universal Quad Cane tip helps to promote natural balance and correct posture. This cane tip will fit most canes measuring 3/4″ and is easily installed. This rubber-made cane tip supports 250 lbs and can be used for both right and left hand cane users.

3 points of contact

Promotes Natural Balance

The surface of the Universal Quad Cane Tip makes contact with the ground at three different points. The 3 points of contact promotes a smooth and natural walking motion with proper cadence.

The bottom of the cane tip has a heavy duty grip that maximizes traction and stability on all surfaces.


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