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  • BEVELED TRAY DISH: The Utensil Tray Accessory provides a long dish at your chairside to store silverware and other loose items
  • CONTOURED: Designed specifically for the Universal Swivel TV Tray Table, the Utensil Tray is contoured to align perfectly with the side of the tray table
  • PRE-DRILLED HOLES: The utensil tray is easy to attach by screwing the included screws into the pre-drilled holes of the tray table
  • COMPATIBILITY: Works with your Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table

  • SAFE AND SECURE: Keep your silverware, pens, glasses, and other loose items in a secure location without losing them
  • DON’T LOSE SPACE: The utensil tray attaches to the side of the tray and does not interfere with a laptop on the surface of the tray table
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Easily attach the utensil tray accessory using the included hardware and the pre-drilled holes on the tray table

  • Length: 12.5″
  • Width: 4.25″

MSRP: $14.99 USD

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The Utensil Compartment from Able Life is the perfect accessory for your Universal Swivel TV Tray Table. The Utensil Compartment Accessory attaches to the side of your tray and is the perfect place to keep your silverware or writing utensils. Check out our other great accessories to further customize your tray table!


Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table

The Utensil Tray Accessory allows you to easily store silverware, pens, pencils, glasses, and other small items close by. The accessory holder easily attaches to the Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table using the included hardware and pre-drilled holes.

The Utensil Tray is contoured to tightly fit against the side of the tray table and helps keep the tray surface clear for laptops, books, and meals.

Learn how to Attach the Utensil Tray Accessory

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What are the dimensions of the Utensil Tray Accessory?
  • Length: 12.5″
  • Width: 4.25″
What is included with the Utensil Tray?

The Utensil Tray Accessory comes with the following:

  • 1 Utensil Tray
  • 4 screws
What is the Utensil Tray Accessory compatible with?

The Utensil Tray Accessory is compatible with the following tray tables:

    • Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table
    • Stander Omni Tray
    • Signature Life Independence Tray Table
How do I attach the Utensil Tray Accessory?

The Utensil Tray Accessory easily attaches to the wooden tray table with the use of four included screws.

    • Locate the pre-drilled holes on the backside of the tray table
    • Align the utensil tray with the pre-drilled holes
    • Use a screwdriver or drill to attach the cup holder to the tray


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